Chrome Extension - Chrome Touch (Touchscreen use like IPhone)

IPhone) like use (Touchscreen Touch Chrome - Extension Chrome

Because i have a netbook with Touchscreen functionality, i would like to use the Browser Scroll Feature from the new IPhone Handy.

So i found the Extension for the Chrome Browser.

Get chromeTouch


After Downloading, it doesn't work with my Ramdisk installed Chromium.

I tried many things to get it worked.

The Solution is as follows:


Create a Folder "c:\myextension"

Extract the content of the crx File into the folder

Find your chrome shortcut (for example, right-click the Chrome icon on your desktop and choose Properties) and add the --load-extension flag to it:

chrome.exe --load-extension="c:\myextension"


Thats it :)


more Extensions can be found here:

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