Netbook - Ultra Speed in Web-Browsing with Ramdisk, Sandboxie and Chrome

Chrome and Sandboxie Ramdisk, with Web-Browsing in Speed Ultra - Netbook

How to create a RAM DISK with "Gavotte Ramdisk"

Click Download and you get the "Gavotte Ramdisk" (freeware)

Unzip the zip archive and start Ramdisk.exe

Now Click on "Install Ramdisk"

"Disk Size(Bytes)" if you have 1 GB of RAM then you should only 32 use for the ramdisk.
All which have more than 1 GB of RAM should set max. 1 / 4 of RAM
without using PC-losing performance, etc. ..
I have 2 GB so i setted up a 512 MB RamDrive.

"Driver Letter" here you can take a drive-letter
Select the best take your "R"

In the "Media Type" select "Fixed Media"

Now click on "Apply">>> OK>>> OK>>> "OK"

In the workplace you now see a new drive with the letter "R"
this is your RAM disk as you can now put everything you want
eg: "Windows Temp folder" Firefox browser "software", etc. ..

Change Location of Temp Files

Go to Control Panel, System Advanced and click on 'Environment Variables'.

Set both tmp and temp to R:\Temp and create a new Temp folder on R

Downloading and Installing Sandboxie

Click Download to get Sandboxie.

After installing Sandboxie, please review the Getting Started tutorial in the Help Topics page. 

Now set Sandboxie Container Location to Ramdisk Drive.


Browsing with Google Chrome

get it Here or take the chromium version which i prefer.

After extracting or installing, move the chrom/chromium folder to Ramdisk.

Create Desktop Shortcut.


Finally Start Browsing by clicking right on the Desktop Shortcut and choose Start with the Sandboxie.



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