NEW Version 3.2 TeamSpeak Sidebar Gadget für Windows Vista und Windows 7

7 Windows und Vista Windows für Gadget Sidebar TeamSpeak 3.2 Version NEW

I have released a new version from my teamspeak sidebar gadget.

What i added was:

  • Added Feature for Windows Vista Users who wants to detach the gadget from the sidebar, to show it in Special Docked State
  • Added Language English as default. Currently there is only one extra Language availabale German. If there is no German Windows, english is always the default
  • Added Extra Languages: French, Nederland
  • Added Fullviewer Width changeable.
  • Added Reset Button
  • Added Changeable Font-Size for Fullviewer
  • Added direct query for Teamspeak version 2
  • Added getting server for teamspeak version 2. 
  • Added Special Docked State Modus for teamspeak version 2.


Screenshots can be found here: Screenshots

Documentation can be found here: Documentation

Have fun Laughing

Download Sidebar Gadget Teamspeak 3.2

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