CSS File Size Limit in Internet Explorer 6 / 7 / 8

8 / 7 / 6 Explorer Internet in Limit Size File CSS

The last days I have encountered a problem in IE where it seemed as if some parts of my CSS was not loaded.

I pursued the issue down. So it seems to be a size limit of ~ 288Kb for a CSS file.

In IE only the first in a 288Kb file will be read and processed. Each CSS to 288Kb will be ignored.

In this particular case I was loading a CSS file of 347Kb.

Firefox and other browsers seem to have no limit.

The border seems to be a "per-file limit. You can use the CSS divided into two files and it will work.

You might ask yourself why you would ever have a CSS file, 347Kb is? Good question ... But we have a large file to use in our website design application.

The CSS ends up being gzipped and is only 45kb, when you download it when loading the designer.

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