Build Latest Node.js with the Microsoft Driver for SQL Server

Server SQL for Driver Microsoft the with Node.js Latest Build

After i wanted to use the new Microsoft Sql Server Driver for Node.js, I got one big Problem:

Error: The specified procedure could not be found.


I just wondering why it isn't working. So after a long research i've found out, that the Latest Node.js isn't compatible with the Sql Server Driver.

The Solution that it will work is following:

1. Download the latest Sql Server Driver ->

2. Install the Latest Node.js

3. Open console, Insert following 

4. Insert "npm install -g node-gyp"

5. go into the sql server driver folder in the console

5. Insert "node-gyp"

6. Insert "node-gyp build"

7. Then copy the sqlserver.node file from the build\(Release|Debug) directory to the lib directory. If you would like to use Visual C++ to debug the driver, also copy the sqlserver.pdb file from the same directory.

8. finish


Have fun :)

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