ProFTPD - Creating a User

User a Creating - ProFTPD

If you want to create a new user for ProFTPD, just one uses the system user. 

In order for the new FTP user not by the whole server "browsed", a small adjustment in the configuration is needed, how it works will be explained in detail in this article. 


First, we create a new system user with useradd. We could also use adduser, but is not so easily controlled. 

Our syntax for useradd is:

useradd username -d folder

useradd John -d /var/www/john


Now we give him a password:


passwd John


This allows the user John /var/www/john remains in its directory. We write the following in the configuration file /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf:


defaultroot ~


After saving ProFTPD should be restarted:


/etc/init.d/proftpd restart


Now John should come in via FTP ...

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